Cohomology of Finite Groups

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Cohomology of Finite Groups

Cohomology of Finite Groups by Alejandro Adem
English | PDF | 1994 | 333 Pages | ISBN : 3662062844 | 25.36 MB

This book deals with the cohomology of groups, particularly finite ones. His- torically, the subject has been one of significant interaction between algebra and topology and has directly led to the creation of such important areas of mathematics as homological algebra and algebraic K-theory. It arose primar- ily in the 1920's and 1930's independently in number theory and topology. In topology the main focus was on the work of H. Hopf, but B. Eckmann, S. Eilenberg, and S. MacLane (among others) made significant contributions. The main thrust of the early work here was to try to understand the mean- ings of the low dimensional homology groups of aspace X. For example, if the universal cover of X was three connected, it was known that H 2 (X;A) depends only on the fundamental group of X. Group cohomology initially appeared to explain this dependence.
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