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Becoming An Influencer On Tiktok

Posted By: ELK1nG
Becoming An Influencer On Tiktok

Becoming An Influencer On Tiktok
Published 1/2023
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Developing and managing a social media platform on TikTok.

What you'll learn

Create a TikTok Profile

Make Successful Content

Marketing Techniques

Content Creator Benefits


Smart phone to download TikTok App


Interested in growing your social media influence? Interested in marketing your business to a global audience? This course will teach you the ins and outs of TikTok and how to grow your influence with proven techniques and tricks for the algorithms. TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform in the world. Almost every social media platform now is trying to mimic aspects of TikTok because of its success. Not only has it attracted the attention of a younger audience, but it also has attracted the attention of business and influencers around the world. Business are using it to further their marketing, but making engaging videos of their products and services, influencers are using it as another platform to grow their following and are finding that the engagement is through the roof! This is a crash course that will show you the ropes from the very beginning of downloading the app all the way to the tricks to build success. Learn how to create engaging videos, how to edit them, trending hashtags, how to engage with the audience, how to trick the algorithms, and much more. This course will show you ways to build a solid foundation to a successful and lasting TikTok channel. With consistent attention and motivation, you can watch your account grow in followers daily with these proven techniques.


Section 1: Welcome To The Course!

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is TikTok?

Lecture 3 What is TikTok Used For?

Lecture 4 Find Your Niche!

Section 2: Settings, Privacy, Security…Oh My!

Lecture 5 Signing Up

Lecture 6 Edit Profile Feature

Lecture 7 Follow Other Accounts

Lecture 8 S&P: Account

Lecture 9 S&P: Privacy

Lecture 10 S&P: Security

Lecture 11 S&P: Balance

Lecture 12 S&P: Notifications

Lecture 13 S&P: Live

Lecture 14 S&P: Language

Lecture 15 S&P: Watch History

Lecture 16 S&P: Content Preferences

Lecture 17 S&P: Ads

Lecture 18 S&P: Display

Lecture 19 S&P: Screentime

Lecture 20 S&P: Free Up Space

Lecture 21 S&P: Policies, Support, Switch Account

Section 3: Creator Tools

Lecture 22 Analytics

Lecture 23 Creator Portal

Lecture 24 Promote

Lecture 25 Q&A

Lecture 26 Playlists

Lecture 27 Live Center/Creator Hub

Lecture 28 Subscription

Lecture 29 Marketplace

Lecture 30 Tips, Gifts, Money Making!!!

Section 4: Making it All Happen!

Lecture 31 Making A Video

Lecture 32 Making A Video Part 2

Lecture 33 Editing A Video

Lecture 34 Publishing A Video

Lecture 35 Going Live!!!

Lecture 36 Engaging With Others

Lecture 37 Duets and Stitches

Lecture 38 Go Be Successful and Have Fun!

Lecture 39 Resource

Anyone Interested in Growing Their Social Media Presence,Businesses,Marketing Teams,Influencers,Social Media Managers