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Big Tattoos - Freehand Painting + Big Stencil *Advanced

Posted By: ELK1nG
Big Tattoos - Freehand Painting + Big Stencil *Advanced

Big Tattoos - Freehand Painting + Big Stencil *Advanced
Published 1/2023
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Learn How to Plan, Design and Transfer Big Tattoo Designs on the Body

What you'll learn

Tattoo Artist

Tips and Hacks specific for Big Tattoos

Advanced tattoo artist

What equipment you need and where to get it

When you can draw you can Tattoo


Tattoo Experience


This is a full Course dedicated to the Art of Big Tattooing. We dive very deep into the Big tattoos. This course is for Advanced Tattoo Artist and anyone who is interested in creating big pieces. I was very known for my Body concepts and big Tattoos and in this course i share all my Secrets of this. How i got the designs on the body. How i planed and layouted big Tattoos and how i made this big enourmous Stencils.You ever wanted to make a tattoo in OVERSIZE. Body suits, Backpieces and huge tattoo designs. This will be the perfect start. This is not a course from a untattooed 'artist' with almost no experience. Befor i retired from tattooing (to become a filmmaker) i was a worldwide known tattoo artist. I invented my own style of tattooing (this style), made a few world record tattoo pieces, build one of the most crazy and biggest 'tattoo studios' in the world and teached a handfull of students my craft and art ad made them to worldwide known tattoo aretist themself.By the end of this course, you will have a basic understandment of how to transfer your ideas on a big scale.This course is realy for Tattoo Artist. This is not a beginner course and you need to be already skilled and ready for big pieces. Its not only about the painting and stencil as it also takes a lot to tattoo a big tattoo.What makes me qualified to teach you?My work as tattoo artist got published in hundrets of books, magazines and onnline publications around the world. I made my way into the history books of tattooing and progressed and ifluenced the modern tattoo world. Make yourself a picture and find me on google (little swastika). On our homepage (psyland25)  you find also many of the magazin artikels and other informationIs this course for you?You dont need any experience and you can fully start to learn a new skill with me. All what it needs is a tattoo kit for 35 euro (or something better). This also can just be a information for you to get more information how tattooing works and if your 'tattoo artist' is doing a save and good job.This course will cover everything you need to know to to start tattooing, including:Equipment and where to get itDifferent Techniques i useThermal copy machinesMarkers and brushesLayout a full big piecePrepair a design & make a stencilTattoo placement


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Work with a Client

Lecture 3 Prepair the Design

Lecture 4 Layout

Lecture 5 Placement

Lecture 6 Make a Big Stencil

Lecture 7 Freehand Painting

Lecture 8 Stencil Removal

Lecture 9 Outro

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